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Undergraduate Studies

The Department has a tradition of excellence in teaching and the current faculty maintain a commitment to high quality education in the wide variety of programs that are offered.  In multiple undergraduate curricula, both within and external to the department, faculty play an integral role in teaching the pathogenesis of disease, diagnostic pathology and laboratory medicine.  Dr. Chris Nicol is the Departmental Undergraduate Program Director.  Questions concerning these courses (registration/schedules/exams) may be directed to Kevin Kell (see below).  Current students may obtain examination information from the Office of the University Registrar.

See the Arts and Science website for a current list of 2019/2020 courses

Pathology and Molecular Medicine does not offer a degree itself, but rather contributes to the Life Sciences Program of the Faculty of Arts & Science.
We will be using OnQ for some of our courses.

Dr. Chris Nicol, PhD
Program Director

Kevin Kell
Undergraduate Educational Program Assistant


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