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Clinical Services

The Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine provides a comprehensive clinical laboratory service to the Southeastern Ontario Academic Health Sciences Centre (SEOHSC) which includes Kingston General Hospital (KGH), The Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph of the Hotel Dieu Hospital Kingston and Providence Care (St. Mary’s of the Lake site). Primarily located at KGH, this involves test result interpretation and diagnostic consultation through the following services: Anatomic Pathology (surgical pathology, cytology, and autopsy); Haematopathology  (routine and special haematology, transfusion medicine, haemostasis, and immunology); Medical Microbiology (routine and molecular bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology) and Infection Control; Clinical Chemistry (routine and special chemistry, mass spectrometry) and Laboratory Genetics (cytogenetics, molecular diagnostics, and a gene microarray facility).  The Department also administers an Autologous Transfusion Program and a multidisciplinary regional program for care of individuals with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. 

The laboratory physician faculty are members of The Southeastern Ontario Medical Organization (SEAMO), an AFP that provides funding for patient care, education of current and future health care professionals, health related research, and medical leadership.

In addition to its role in SEOHSC, the Department also provides regional and trans-regional laboratory services which include a laboratory outreach program involving multiple hospitals and other clinical care sites, a regional gynaecologic cytology screening program, a regional dermatopathology service, a regional forensic pathology service and a national diagnostic service in focused areas of molecular genetics and haemostasis.

Our Medical Director of Clinical Services is Dr. Sandip SenGuptaMs. Joyce deVette-McPhail is the Administrative Director.

The Department's Clinical Services 2018-2019 Year in Review Report is now available.