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The Department offers, and participates in, a wide range of educational programs.  Faculty have an integral role in teaching pathobiology in undergraduate medical, undergraduate life science and graduate curricula.  Our Graduate program, which offers both MSc and PhD degrees, provides training in basic biomedical research in cancer biology, genetics, vascular biology and molecular hemostasis.  Postgraduate programs in Anatomic Pathology, General Pathology and Hematopatholgy train laboratory physicians for both the community and academic sectors and postdoctoral training opportunities are available for research scientists as well as diagnostic laboratory scientists specializing in Genetics.  We also participate actively in the training of laboratory technologists in a variety of disciplines.  The Department is particularly proud of its Educational Outreach Program which introduces high school and elementary school students to the science of pathology and molecular medicine.  The courses the program offers are developed, coordinated and taught by our graduate students. 

Courses offered in 2019 September: CANC499 * PATH425 * PATH499 * PATH822

Courses offered in 2020 January: CANC440 * PATH310 * PATH430/826 * PATH828