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Hospital Affiliates

Kingston Health Sciences Centre

After months of behind the scenes preparations, Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital have now joined together to create Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC). The new hospital corporation became an official legal entity on Saturday, 2017 April 01.

Clinical laboratory services are primarily located at the Kingston General Hospital.  The Department works very closely with hospital leadership to ensure that timely, quality diagnostic testing is provided to the patients of Kingston General Hospital, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There is extensive consultative support in all disciplines of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine available on site.

The Department provides full laboratory support for the Hotel Dieu Hospital.  Recently, a Mass Spectrometry was established at HDH to provide cutting edge diagnostic testing.

Providence Care

The Department provides laboratory testing and infection control.

Research Affiliates

Queen’s Cancer Research Institute (QCRI)

Many of the Department’s cancer researchers are located in the Queen’s Cancer Research Institute.  Very strong connections exist between the Departments clinicians and the cancers researchers located in the QCRI.   Dr Roger Deeley, Professor of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, is the Institute Director.

Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network (OMPRN)

OMPRN is a province-wide network of pathologists collaborating to carry out high-quality cancer research with a clear potential for clinical impact.

Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG)

The Department houses and administers the tissue bank associated with clinical trials originating from CCTG.  Departmental members are closely linked and assist with correlative studies associated with trials.  The Dr. Lois Shepherd, a Hematopathologist in the Department, is the Physician Coordinator of the tissue bank.

Indoc Research (Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network (OCBN))

Indoc is a not-for-profit company that helps medical research teams manage, share and analyze their complex data. It has a strong and close relationship with Queen's University. Dr Feilotter was directly involved in the original infrastructure grant application to OICR, and has been Principal Investigator on collaborative grants with Indoc, as well as being directly involved in numerous Indoc projects and activities, including the Steering Committee.



Page Last Updated: 2018 March 13