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Primary Appointments in Pathology (32)

David Berman
David Berman, MD, PhD

Biomarkers and therapeutic targets for bladder and prostate cancer

Alexander Boag
Sandy Boag, MD

Associate Professor and Head
Translation aspects of lung, prostate and bladder cancer

Michael Chan
Michael Chan, PhD

Associate Professor
Clinical Chemistry

Tim Childs
Tim Childs, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
MicroRNAs in Endometrial cancer; Biomarkers in cervical cancer

Susan Cole
Susan Cole, PhD

Cellular transport mechanisms in cancer biology

Christine Collier
Christine Collier, PhD

Clinical Chemistry

Susan Crocker
Susan Crocker, PhD

Assistant Professor
Cytogenomics, Biomarker discovery for neurodegenerative disease

Scott Davey
Scott Davey, PhD

Associate Professor
Basic and translational studies of the DNA damage response

Chris Davidson
Chris Davidson, MD

Assistant Professor
Translational aspects of Urological Pathology

Roger Deeley
Roger Deeley, PhD

Structure function studies of multidrug resistance proteins (MRPs)

Bruce Elliott
Bruce Elliott, PhD

Molecular mechanisms breast cancer tumorigenesis and metastasis

Pat Farmer
Pat Farmer, MD

Assistant Professor
Biomarkers in lymphoma

Harriet Feilotter
Harriet Feilotter, PhD

Associate Professor
Cancer Biomarker discovery and validation, genomics

David Good, MD

Assistant Professor

Peter Greer
Peter Greer, PhD

Identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets in breast cancer

Christine Hough
Christine Hough, PhD

Assistant Professor
Molecular hemostasis

David Hurlbut
David Hurlbut, MD

Associate Professor
Clinical and Pathologic studies of gastrointestinal neoplasia

David LeBrun
David LeBrun, MD

Molecular mechanisms of leukemogenesis

David Lillicrap
David Lillicrap, MD

Molecular hemostasis

Marosh Manduch
Marosh Manduch, MD

Assistant Professor
Clinical and Pathologic studies of cancer

Paul Manley
Paul Manley, MD

Translational aspects of Gastrointenstinal cancer

Lois Mulligan
Lois Mulligan, PhD

Role of the RET proto-oncogene in cancer

Christopher Nicol
Christopher Nicol, PhD 

Associate Professor
Cell specific roles of PPARs in breast cancer

Michael Rauh
Michael Rauh, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Translational studies in myeloid blood cancers and innate immune tolerance

Neil Renwick
Neil Renwick, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Translational RNA Biology

John Rossiter
John Rossiter, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Translational aspects of brain tumours

Sandip SenGupta
Sandip SenGupta, MD

Translational aspects of breast cancer

Lois Shepherd
Lois Shepherd, MD

Clinical trials; Biobanking

Prameet Sheth, PhD

Assistant Professor

Sonal Varma, MD

Assistant Professor
Breast Cancer

Xiaolong Yang
Xiaolong Yang, PhD

Associate Professor
The molecular and cellular funtion of tumor suppressors in human cancer

Iain Young
Iain Young, MD

Renal and Urological Pathology


Ami Wang, MD

Starting 2016 July 01
Douglas 206; 613-549-6666x4936; email

Mark Schneider, MD

Starting 2016 July 01
Douglas 207; 613-549-6666x4942; email

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