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Welcome to the Department
of Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Welcome to the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine of Queen’s University.  Our Department is uniquely placed at the interface between basic biomedical science and clinical medicine.  Our dedicated faculty deliver a broad array of highly integrated programs in fundamental and translational research, diagnostic laboratory services and education. In doing so, our Department has a distinctive role in the School of Medicine in that it serves as both a basic science department, with its attendant academic responsibilities, and a clinical department responsible for the delivery of complex laboratory services in the teaching hospitals.

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Pathology Awards Ceremony

Posted 2014 October 06

Congratulations again to:

  • Dr. Gulisa Turashvili - Dr. Paul Manley Award "For an Excellent Academic or Investigative Record By a Pathology Resident"

  • Dr. Gulisa Turashvili - Dr. R.S.A. Prentice Award "For Excellence in Teaching by a Pathology Resident & For Improving the Quality of Resident Education"
    presented by Dr. Davidson

  • Dr. Kristopher Cunningham - Dr. R.S.A. Prentice Award "For Excellence in Teaching", presented by Dr. Wang


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    Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

    The Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine in the Queen’s University Faculty of Health Sciences and its affiliated teaching hospitals is recruiting an academic Anatomical Pathologist with subspecialty training/expertise in dermatopathology. The ability to participate in other diagnostic pathology subspecialties, particularly gastrointestinal pathology, would be considered an asset. Applicants with dual certification in Dermatology and Dermatopathology are also encouraged to apply... [more]

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    EVENTS 2014

    Thursday October 23rd
    12:30-1:30 Grand Round - Richardson Lab Amphitheatre - Implant associated lymphomas of the breast - Dr. Sonal Varma
    4:00-5:00 Renal Biopsy Round - Multihead Microscope Rm.
    5:30-6:00pm Partial Solar Eclipse - viewing from Murney Tower Museum waterfront with the Kingston Astronomy Club - WEATHER PERMITTING

    Friday, October 24
    9:00-9:30 Gross Rounds - Dr. Tim Childs - Gross Room
    1:30-2:30 Medical Legal Work Round - Richardson Lab Amphitheatre
    1:30-2:30 Hematology Morphology Round - Autopsy Conference Room

    Monday, October 27
    8:30-9:30 Autopsy Conference - Autopsy Conference Room
    1:00-2:00 Hematopathology Review - Richardson Lab Rm. 102

    Tuesday, October 28
    8:30-9:30 Neuropathology Conference - Autopsy Conference Rm.
    1:45-2:45 GI & Liver Conference - not scheduled this week

    Wednesday October 29th
    8:00-9:00 Medical Mortality Round - Richardson Lab Amphitheatre
    9:00-10:00 AP Seminar - Richardson Lab Rm. 107 - Head & Neck: Oral and Nasal Cavity/Pharynx/Larynx -Dr. David Hurlbut
    10:15-11:15 Micro Round (Peds) - Multihead Microscope Rm. - Dr. Tim Childs
    11:30-12:30 Journal Club: Forensics - Richardson Lab Rm. 107 - Drs. Ami Wang and David Hurlbut
    1:00-2:00 Genetics Round Up - Melanoma - Richardson Lab Rm. 107 - Drs. Zanobia Khan and Harriet Feilotter
    1:00-3:00 Retirement Tea for Susan Gagnon - Fenwick Conference Room (Watkins Wing)

    Thursday, October 30
    12:30-1:30 Special Seminar - Richardson Lab Amphitheatre - "Technology in Pathology" - Dr. Scott Bradshaw - Dermatopathology Candidate

    Friday, October 31
    9:00-9:30 Gross Rounds - Dr. Zanobia Khan -Gross Room
    9:30-10:30 Resident Teaching Session - Multihead Microscope Rm. -Dermatology: ABC's to Board Prep - Dr. Scott Bradshaw - Dermatopathology Candidate
    1:30-2:30 Hematology Morphology Round - Autopsy Conference Room

    CLASSES 2014-2015

    Courses offered in 2014 September: CANC497 * CANC499 * PATH499

    Courses offered in 2015 January: CANC440 * PATH310 * PATH425 * PATH430/826 * PATH823

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