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Welcome to the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine of Queen’s University.  Our Department is uniquely placed at the interface between basic biomedical science and clinical medicine.  Our dedicated faculty deliver a broad array of highly integrated programs in fundamental and translational research, diagnostic laboratory services and education. In doing so, our Department has a distinctive role in the School of Medicine in that it serves as both a basic science department, with its attendant academic responsibilities, and a clinical department responsible for the delivery of complex laboratory services in the teaching hospitals.

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Cutting-edge technology comes to Queen's

Posted 2015 January 21

By Anne Craig, Communications Officer
Eight researchers at Queen's University have been awarded $1.3 million through the Canada Foundation for Innovation's (CFI) John R. Evans Leaders Fund. Leading the funding are Stephen Archer (Cardiology) and Neil Renwick (Pathology and Molecular Medicine).

Dr. Renwick is focusing on cancer diagnostics.

"The goal of my CFI project is to transform cancer diagnostics using novel approaches," says Dr. Renwick who received $200,000. "Through the vision of the CFI, I will purchase advanced instrumentation that will allow us to profile ribonucleic acid, a molecule that carries genetic information, and visualize diseased tissues.

I expect these approaches will help pathologists to diagnose and classify cancers, recommend treatments, and predict clinical outcomes at the time of specimen assessment."


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EVENTS 2015 events

Monday March 2
8:30-9:30 Autopsy Conference - Autopsy Conference Rm
1:00-2:00 Hematopathology Review - Richardson Lab Rm. 102

Tuesday March 03
8:30-9:30 Neuropathology Conference - Autopsy Conference Rm
1:45-2:45 GI & Liver Conference - Not scheduled this week
4:00-5:00 Path 830/930 Research Seminar - Richardson Lab Amphitheatre - Lara Casey - MSc Candidate- "Investigating the dysregulation of angiogenesis in Type 2 von Willebrand Disease: studies using blood outgrowth endothelial cells"

Wednesday March 4
8:00-9:00 Medical Mortality Round - Richardson Lab Amphitheatre
9:00-10:00 AP Seminar: Richardson Lab Rm. 102 - Neuro Primary CNS Neoplasia - Dr. Rossiter
10:15-11:15 Micro Round - Dr. Manley - Multihead Microscope Rm.
4:00-5:00 Renal Biopsy Round - Multihead Microscope Rm.

Thursday March 5
12:30-1:30 Grand Round - Richardson Lab Amphitheatre - Dr. David Berman - TBA
4:00-5:00 Liver Biopsy Round - Multihead Microscope Rm.

Friday March 6
8:00-9:00 Journal Club - Genitourinary - Richardson Lab Rm. 102 - Drs. Li and Davidson
9:00-9:30 Gross rounds - Dr. Xu - Gross Rm.
1:30-2:30 Hematopathology Morphology Round - Autopsy Conference Rm.

Friday 2015 March 27 CANC499 and PATH499 Poster Day in the Biosciences Atrium

Monday 2015 April 06 CANC499 and PATH499 RESEARCH DAY (Oral Presentations) will be in Biosciences 1102, 1103, 1120.

CLASSES 2014-2015

Courses offered in 2014 September: CANC497 * CANC499 * PATH499

Courses offered in 2015 January: CANC440 * PATH310 * PATH425 * PATH430/826 * PATH823

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