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Mountain ViewCancer is one of the leading causes of human death in the world. Mounting evidence strongly suggests that loss of function of a group of genes called tumor suppressors or activation of cancer-causing gene called oncogene is mainly responsible not only for the development and progression of cancers but also for the sensitivity of cancer patients to radiation and chemotherapeutic drug treatments. Therefore, understanding the molecular and cellular function of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes is essential for cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Our lab are studying the roles of a novel Hippo signaling pathway in breast and lung cancer development, metastasis, and response to chemotherapeutic drugs using cell culture, xenograft mouse models, DNA and tissue microarrays, proteomics, and functional genomic screening (RNAi and CRISPR gene editing) approaches. We also try to develop drugs targeting the Hippo or other novel signaling pathways for cancer therapy.

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