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The M. Daria Haust Lecture Series

2005 April 26

The third M. Daria Haust Lecture was given by Dr. Timothy J. Triche (Keck School of Medicine University of Southern California) on "Understanding Childhood Cancer: Morphology, Molecular Genetics and Models"
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    2003 May 28th

    The second M. Daria Haust Lecture was held in the Richardson Labs Amphitheatre and given by Dr. Luc Oligny (Montreal and McGill Universities) on "Cancer and Epigenesis - a Developmental Perspective"
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    2001 October 01

    The first M. Daria Haust Lecture was held in Etherington Auditorium and given by Dr. Kurt Benirschke (University Medical Centre San Diego California) on "Challenges of the Pathology of Twinning"
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