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Lois Mulligan, PhD
Lois Mulligan


“Exploring regulation of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling in normal development and cancer”

Receptor tyrosine kinases link extracellular signals with intracellular pathways that cause cells to grow, proliferate or differentiate.  These roles are essential to normal development but can be hijacked in oncogenic transformation of cells. Our lab is interested in the RET receptor tyrosine kinase, which is required for normal development of peripheral nerves and kidneys, but when inappropriately activated can also contribute to development of multiple human cancers, including thyroid, adrenal, and pancreatic tumours. We focus on dissecting the mechanisms regulating normal RET function and how changes in regulation can lead to cancer. Approaches include molecular and cellular biology, protein and DNA manipulation, cell culture, real time gene expression analysis, RNAi-mediated gene silencing, tissue microarrays, and whole cell imaging by confocal microscopy.





Tel: (613) 533-6000 x77475
Fax: (613) 548-6830
Email:mulligal (at)
Office: Botterell Hall Room A315


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