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Susan P.C. COLE, PhD, FRSC
PSusan Cole


“Membrane transport proteins in human health and disease”

ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transmembrane proteins utilize ATP to transport their solutes across biological membranes.  Some human ABC proteins efflux their endogenous and xenobiotic (drug) solutes from both normal and malignant cells. Our studies are primarily focused on the biochemistry and pharmacology of the plasma membrane ABC transporters, MRP1 and MRP4, both of which are found in drug resistant tumours.  Although MRP1 and MRP4 share some common structural features, they exhibit distinct substrate specificities and cellular localization properties. Approaches being used to investigate these transporters include molecular biology (e.g. mutagenesis), vesicular transport, pharmacokinetics, drug binding analysis, RNAi, mass spectrometry, and confocal microscopy.




Tel: (613) 533-2636
Fax: (613) 533-6830
Email: spc.cole (at)
Office: 312C Cancer Research Institute


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