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Image of a QIAcube DNA/RNA extractorNucleic Acid Extraction

Nucleic acid sample preparation involves a range of techniques to transform a sample which cannot be directly analyzed into one that fits the requirements of the analytical technique to be used such as reverse transcription (RT) or PCR. Nucleic acid sample purification and quality assessment are important steps in experimental workflows since the quality of nucleic acids can affect the performance in downstream reactions. QLMP uses QIAGEN products to extract DNA or RNA from fresh, frozen or FFPE either manually or using the QIAcube.  We will also curl or core FFPE blocks.

High-quality nucleic acids are a prerequisite for accurate and reliable NGS results from complex samples. QIAGEN’s leading expertise in sample preparation technologies means we can offer the best solution for automated extraction of DNA and RNA. Our sample preparation solutions allow you to extract nucleic acids in an unbiased manner without the loss of valuable genetic information.

The QIAcube instrument and sample preparation kits for extraction of DNA and RNA offer maximum confidence for processing precious samples for sequencing. Automated processing of samples saves time and achieves standardization. Simultaneously, the sample preparation kits require minimal starting material, facilitate reduction of artifacts and increase the confidence and accuracy of your sequence data.


Cell-Free DNA (Streck/Roche tubes)

QLMP also offers a service where we will spin, separate and store plasma and cell complement from cell-free DNA tubes.  We can help with the downstream extraction and applications.