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Digital Pathology - Slide Scanning

The QLMP operates an Olympus VS120 high resolution digital slide scanning and HALO web hosting service.  The Olympus scanner can scan bright field slides at 20x and 40x and fluorescent slides at 20x and 40x.  Images can be hosted on the HALO web server allowing advanced online annotation and rapid zooming. 



How to submit slides for scanning instructions:

  1.  Fill out Slide Scanning Form
  2.  Save the Slide Scanning Form in the format:  yyyy.mm.dd_PI last name  (For example: 2019.06.20_Virk)
  3.  Place slides in a proper, labelled slide case
  4.  Read and complete the checklist below
  5.  E-mail Slide Scanning Form to virks@queensu.ca, with the subject line: yyyy.mm.dd_PI last name
  6.  Bring labeled slide case to KGH, Douglas Wing room 528, place in 'IN' box (left side of the room, to the left of the scanner)
  7.  Once slides have been scanned you will receive an email telling you to retrieve your slides, they can be found in the same room in the 'OUT' box



Please make sure you have completed the following Checklist BEFORE submitting your slides or they will not be accepted for scanning

  •        You MUST conceal all sensitive patient information (Names and DOB) with either black tape or permanent marker on the slide
  •        Slides must be an a proper slide case in order corresponding to the Slide Scanning Form
  •        Slide cases must be labelled with the Slide Scanning Form file name (yyyy.mm.dd_PI last name) *Do NOT use Post-Its notes unless completely taped down!