Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy Services

The QLMP offers Electron Microscopy Services.  The electron microscope (EM) uses a beam of electrons to produce an image of the specimen.  Due to the higher wavelenght of electrons, compared to light, the resolving power of the EM is much greater making it capable of much higher magnification. This allows researchers to see much smaller objects in finer detail. 

The following technical services for electron microscopy are available:

1)  Fixation, processing and embedding in EPON and LR white.
2)  Semi thick sections and utra thin (cut with diamond knife)   
3)  Cutting and staining grids, including nickle formvar coated grids    
4)  EM photography & B&W prints
5)  High resolution digital images and online viewing and annotation.
6)  Training and Technical assistance in using EM.

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