Dr. Xiaolong Yang has received $743,000 for a 5-year research grant from CIHR (Canadian Institute of Health Research) to study the roles of a novel Hippo signaling pathway in lung cancer.

2012 January 30

Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide, killing 1.2 million people annually. Therefore, identification of genes responsible for lung cancer development is crucial for its successful therapies. Dr. Yang's lab has recently discovered TAZ, a major component of an emerging Hippo signaling pathway, as a novel gene causing lung cancer.

In this research project, Dr. Yang will further explore how TAZ and other components of the Hippo signaling pathway contribute to lung cancer development and progression using human lung cancer cell lines, mouse model, and clinical cancer patient tissues. The research findings from this research project will finally identified a new pathway critical for lung cancer development and will have great implications for the future diagnosis and therapy of lung cancer.