Windows XP Support ended 2014 April 8th

Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP (it came out in 2001) on Tuesday April 8th, 2014.
This means no more security patches to the operating system, which will leave your XP computer vulnerable in the future.
Tips to make your windows XP computer safer:

  • Make sure you do an update on April 8th to get the latest and greatest of all patches installed
  • check that your login account is a regular user, not an administrator. This will protect you from a lot of exploits;
  • first, upgrade Internet Explorer to the latest version that runs under windows XP. Then STOP using internet explorer. Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your default web browser
  • Continue to update your antivirus programs
  • Remove JAVA if you absolutely do not need it
  • Keep updating adobe reader and adobe flash (or remove them if not needed)
  • Surf safely; download software only from original sources, not 3rd party sources.

    Posted: 2014 March 10
    Updated: 2014 May 05