KGH Research Showcase Wednesday May 18th

9:00-5:30 KGH Research Showcase Queen's Etherington Hall & Richardson Amphitheatre
9:00 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jeremy Squire "Taking research discoveries from the prostate cancer genome into clinical practice." Etherington Hall

Morning Oral Presentations: Etherington Hall
10:15 AM Dr. Anne Ellis "Allergy Research at Kingston General Hospital: from cord blood analysis to controlled allergen challenge."
10:35 AM Dr. Kristan Aronson, Dr. Joan Tranmer, and Anne Grundy "Rotating shift work: does it increase your risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease?"
10:55 AM Dr. Gaeme Smith Pregnancy as a cardiovascular stress test."
11:15 AM Dr. Stephen Vanner "The GIDRU report card: are we benefiting the health of Canadians?"
11:35 AM Dr. Ryan Bicknell "Effect of loading direction on force to dislocation in reverse shoulder arthroplasty: assessment using a custom-designed shoulder kinematic simulator."
11:55 AM Dr. Hugh Walker "How much should we spend on cancer chemotherapy?"

Morning Oral Presentations: Richardson Amphitheatre
10:15 AM Dr. Roy Ilan "Patient safety coordinator in the ICU: dealing with the issues."
10:35 AM Rupinder Dhaliwal "Clinical Evaluation Research Unit: Knowledge generation, synthesis & translation in a global arena."
10:55 AM Dr. Rachel Holden, Dr. Jocelyn Garland, Dr. Michael Adams, and Dr. Ross Morton "Vascular calcification from bench to bedside."
11:15 AM Dr. Cheryl King-VanVlack "Cardiovascular regulation at rest and during exercise in hemodialysis patients."
11:35 AM Dr. Bruce McCreary "Longevity and causes of death in persons with intellectual disabilities resident at Rideau Regional Centre (1979-2008): implications for community care."

Afternoon Oral Presentations (Part 1): Etherington Hall
1:15 PM Dr. Steve Scott "The potential of robotic technology for clinical assessment of sensory, motor and cognitive function."
1:35 PM Dr. John Schreiner "Medical Physics Research at KGH and the CCSEO: making modern radiation delivery more accessible."
1:55 PM Dr. Steven Hall "Where are the men with thyroid cancer?"
2:15 PM Dr. Lawrence Hookey "Bowel cleansing research- a worldwide phenomenon-who would have thought!
2:35 PM Dr. Elaine Petrof "Harnessing our healthy gut bacteria to cure patients with recurrent c. difficile infection."
2:55 PM Dr. Victor Tron "Malignant melanoma: new insights into diagnosis and treatment."

Afternoon Oral Presentations (Part 1): Richardson Amphitheatre>
1:15 PM Charlotte Haley "Electroanatomic fractionation maps to guide catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation."
1:35 PM Sue Saulnier and Catherine Donnelly "Enhancing interprofessional collaboration within patient care teams: developing a continuous improvement process."
1:55 PM Geoff Seaborn "HRV analysis in the murine mode."
2:15 PM Dr. David Goldstein "Patient safety, quality, and risk."
2:35 PM Dr.Elizabeth VanDenKerkhof "The epidemiology of chronic pain from a global to a local perspective."
2:55 PM Dr. Shalea Piteau "Abusive versus non-abusive head injury in children: a systematic review."

Afternoon Oral Presentations (Part 2): Etherington Hall
3:30 PM Dr. David Lillicrap "Studies of blood coagulation: what stops us bleeding."
3:50 PM Dr. Sandip Sengupta "Systematic development of biomarkers of breast cancer signalling that predict cancer subtypes and patient outcome."
4:10 PM Dr. David Lebrun "Detection of biomarker proteins in conventional pathology samples by quantitative"
4:30 PM Dr. Harriet Feilotter "Making the genome spill its secrets: uncovering clues to ovarian cancer chemoresistance."
4:50 PM Dr. Christopher Justinich "Pathophysiology of esophagitis- role of esophageal epithelium."