Be Aware - Queen's Targeted for Phishing Attempts

Heads up! Queen's Community Targeted for Phishing Attempts

In the past few days, ITServices has seen a large increase in phishing attempts sent via Queen's email to students, faculty, and staff.

Don't Share Your Personal Information
If you get an email that looks like it's from Queen's or a large company (Skype, Amazon, or eBay) asking you to share personal info, such as:

  • usernames
  • emails
  • passwords
    please don't do it! In most cases, the email is fake and is from someone who is after your personal and confidential info. How can you figure out if an email is fake?

    What Could Happen?

  • Your Queen's email account will become compromised, giving access to your student/employee data to other people.
  • ITServices will disable your account and you will need to call the Support Centre to get it re-enabled.
  • If compromised Queen's accounts are used to spam other email services (Gmail, Hotmail, Sympatico, etc.), messages sent from Queen's could be rejected by those email providers.

    Posted: 2014 March 21