New Appointments within the Department

Effective on or about 2013 July 1st, we have a number of new people associated with the Department:

Primary Appointments:

  • Kristopher Cunningham, MD; Assistant Professor; Director, Kingston Regional Forensic Pathology Unit; Clinical Director, KGH Autopsy Service
  • Prameet Sheth, PhD; Assistant Professor; Clinical Microbiologist
  • Sonal Varma, MD; Assistant Professor

    Cross Appointments:

  • Sam Basta, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Igor Jurisica, PhD; Professor; Computer Science
  • Jagdeep Walia, MBBS; Assistant Professor; Gene Therapy

    Adjunct Appointments:

  • Jian Chen, PhD; Assistant Professor; Proteomics
  • Anna Majury, PhD, DVM; Assistant Professor; Microbiology/Public Health
  • Paul Park, PhD, MD; Assistant Professor
  • Terrence Sills, PhD; Associate Professor; Genomics

    Posted: 2013 June 12