Queen's professor a world leader in vascular disease research

From www.queensu.ca/news/articles/queens-professor-world-leader-vascular-disease-reserach

For the past five years, Queen's University researcher Donald Maurice (Biomedical and Molecular Sciences) (cross appointed to Pathology and Molecular Medicine) has headed the Cardiac, Circulatory and Respiratory (CCR) research program in the Faculty of Health Sciences, a group of more than 30 clinicians and basic scientists who research the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Dr. Maurice's laboratory is currently examining the underlying causes of vascular disease by testing the idea that healthy cells carry out their various functions by grouping together proteins required and allowing them to interact within defined compartments.

Dr. Maurice's passion for his research is obvious, and it is accompanied by a strong work ethic, which grew from his roots in northern Ontario and his undergraduate summer experiences as an iron worker. He earned his doctorate at McMaster University under the late Professor Richard Haslam.

Posted: 2013 June 25