Susan Cole is the first-ever Researcher-in-Residence at PARTEQ Innovations

2013 January 31

Susan Cole is the first-ever Researcher-in-Residence at PARTEQ Innovations, the technology transfer arm of Queen's University. The former Queen's Deputy Provost and PARTEQ board member will help mentor and assist researchers in the life sciences who are considering protecting their discoveries for the purpose of commercialization.

Dr. Cole will be working closely with Michael Wells, manager of commercial development in life sciences at PARTEQ.

"As an active researcher at the 'front lines,' I'm in a unique position to keep an eye and ear out for new and interesting ideas and suggest that researchers talk to PARTEQ," says Dr. Cole, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Cancer Biology and the Bracken Chair in Genetics and Molecular Medicine. "I hope I can also suggest ways to help researchers avoid premature public disclosure that would compromise their ability to protect the potential intellectual property associated with their discoveries."

Dr. Cole co-invented PARTEQ's most-licensed technology with Roger Deeley, Vice-Dean Research, Queen's Health Sciences/Vice-President, Health Sciences Research, Kingston General Hospital. The technology provides a gene coding for multidrug resistance protein (MRP). This discovery has been instrumental in advancing scientists' understanding of drug resistance in tumors. It has been licensed to more than 30 companies worldwide and their original research paper on MRP has been cited more than 2,500 times since 1992.