Professor Susan P.C. Cole has recently been honoured.

2011 June 13

Professor Susan P.C. Cole has recently been honoured by election to Fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences ( for her achievements in the academic health sciences - and most notably, for her ground breaking and paradigm shifting studies related to the discovery and characterization of the human ATP-binding cassette transporter, MRP1.

Thus this honour recognizes that Dr. Cole's work on the biochemical mechanisms of drug resistance over the past 25 years has had a major impact not only in our understanding of how cancer cells can survive in the presence of cytotoxic agents, but also of how such agents are distributed throughout the normal tissues of the body. The original 1992 Science paper describing MRP1 has now been cited over 2,300 times. Of Dr. Cole's other 216 peer-reviewed publications, 17 of them with her as senior author have been cited 150 or more times.