2015 CIHR National Student Research Poster Competition Golden Award Winner

Posted 2015 June 09

Yulei Zhao, a PhD student in Dr. Xiaolong Yang's Lab in the Department of Pathology and Molecular medicine, won the Golden Award of the 2015 CIHR National Student Research Poster Competition, during the 28th Annual CSHRF (Canadian Student Health Research Forum) held from June 2nd-4th in Winnipeg.

Yulei, together with another 13 students were nominated as top 5% graduate students in health sciences by Queen's University to participate this year's national CIHR Research poster competition, which included around 120 top 5% graduate students nominated by different universities all around Canada.

The awards of the competition include CIHR Golden Award (award of excellence), Silver Award and Honourable Mentions. Ten students were chosen for CIHR Golden Award through the competition. Yulei, was the only student from Queen's University that won the Golden Award ($500, provided by CIHR) in this year's competition.

Queen's University also had two students, both from the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, who won the Silver Awards.