Dr. Abdi Ghaffari - CBCF Fellowship Award

Posted 2014 September 23

Dr. Abdi Ghaffari, currently a CIHR postdoctoral fellow, was recently awarded the prestigious fellowship award from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Ontario Region in the amount of $90,000 over 2 years.

This award will allow Abdi to pursue a project entitled "A novel role for ezrin in tumour and lymph node lymphangiogenesis in breast cancer: a potential prognostic/predictive target".

The research will be carried out in the laboratory of Dr. Bruce Elliott in the Queen's Cancer Research Institute funded by CIHR. Abdi's work will involve a novel lymphatic reporter transgenic mouse model that allows for real-time visualization of tumour behaviour in the context of the lymphatic system using intravital microscopy.

Using this model, Abdi will examine the role of ezrin in various stages of breast cancer metastasis. This work will be carried out in collaboration with Drs. Peter Greer, Leda Raptis, Sandip SenGupta and intravital imaging specialist Mr. Jeff Newburn.