Anthony Apostoli at the 51st Annual Society of Toxicology Meeting in San Francisco (11-15th March, 2012)

2012 April 25

Our department is certainly not short on talent! Anthony Apostoli, PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr. Chris Nicol, is busy showcasing his research talents at some top venues in his field. Anthony won best graduate student research award from the Carcinogenesis Specialty Section at the 51st Annual Society of Toxicology Meeting in San Francisco (11-15th March, 2012), and was also invited to give an oral platform presentation at the meeting on his research titled: "THE ROLE OF PPAR gIN MAMMARY SECRETORY EPITHELIAL CELLS DURING DMBA-INDUCED BREAST TUMOURIGENESIS "

He was awarded an SOT Travel Award to allow him to present at this venue. Anthony was also selected to represent the department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at the CIHR Research Poster Presentation, June 13, 2012, within the Canadian Student Health Research Forum, in Winnipeg.In addition, he has just received notice that the CIHR Institute of Cancer Research recognized him as being within the top 5% of doctoral students, and has selected Anthony to receive CIHR funding in the amount of $1000 for reimbursement of travel and accomodations expenses while participating in the meeting.

Anthony's accomplishments certainly bode well for the continued high quality of research being performed in the Department, and are good indications that this is being recognized in competitions at both the national and international level.