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Email notes:
Most people will have accounts at either (Queen's University) or (Kingston Health Science Centre).
The departmental email server, in operation since 1992, was shut down on Monday 2017 October 02.
All accounts have been redirected to their owners new preferred accounts since 2017 January 1st.

Section Last Updated: 2018 February 13




Graduate Students

> Graduate Students
> Post Doctoral Fellows

Graduate Students

Name Program Email Start-End
Abraham, Karan Joshua MSc 11ka13 (at)
Albanez, Silvia PhD silvia.albanez (at)
Alhejaily, Abdulmohsen PhD 7aa22 (at)
Apostoli, Anthony PhD apostoli (at)
Bathurst, Lauren MSc 5leb4 (at)
Bowman, MacKenzie PhD 6mlb6 (at)
Carefoot, Esther PhD ec36 (at)
Crupi, Mathieu MSc 6mc12 (at)
Cull, Alyssa MSc 4ac42 (at)
Deforest, Meghan MSc 7md13 (at)
Guy, Stephanie MSc 11sg27 (at)
Haslehurst, Alexandria PhD 9ah33 (at)
Hawke, Lindsey MSc 0lgh (at)
Hoskin, Victoria PhD 7vh1 (at)
Hu, Jing PhD 6jh32 (at)
Krolik, Julia MSc 11jk25 (at)
Lai, Dulcie PhD 6dl9 (at)
Lian, Eric MSc 0ey1 (at)
Lo, Wann-Cheng PhD 6wl3 (at)
MacLeod, James MSc james.macleod (at)
Miah, Fahad PhD 6mfm (at)
Nagaria, Teddy PhD 6tsn (at)
Nanan, Kyster PhD k.nanan (at)
Osorio, William PhD 7zwfo (at)
Rampersad, Sarah PhD (at)
Rees, Evan MSc 5ebr (at)
Riches, Jacob MSc j.Jacob.riches (at)             
Skelhorne-Gross, Graham PhD 9gs8 (at)
Szeto, Alvin MSc alvin.szeto (at)
Thompson, Crista PhD 6clt1 (at)
Truong, Tammy MSc 11tt16 (at)
Uy, Paolo MSc 6pu (at)
Vidal, Ricardo PhD rvidal (at)
Williams, Julia PhD 7jw29 (at)
Wilson, Lindsay PhD 9lw7 (at)
Woodcroft, Mark PhD 7mw23 (at)
Yeung, Benjamin PhD 5bsy (at)
Yoganathan, Piriya MSc 0py4 (at)
Zelt, Jordan MSc 11jjz1 (at)
Zhang, Shengnan Connie PhD 6sz4 (at)
Zhao, Yulei PhD 0yz22 (at)

Post Doctoral Fellows

Page Last Updated: 2013 June 10

Name Lab Email
Conseil, Gwenaelle, PhD, MSc - Research Associate Dr. Susan Cole's Lab conseilg (at)
Gao, Yan, PhD, MSc, BSc Dr. Peter Greer's Lab yg2 (at)
Geletu-Heye, Mulu, PhD Dr. Peter Greer's Lab geletu (at)
Ghaffari, Abdi, PhD Dr. Bruce Elliott's Lab   ghaffari (at)
Grieve, Stacy, PhD, MSc Dr. Peter Greer's Lab   5sv4 (at)
Hassan, Yousef, PhD Dr. Susan Cole's Lab   hassany (at)
Hernandez, Alvaro, PhD Dr. Susan Cole's Lab   alvaro.hernandez (at)
Hyndman, Brandy, PhD Dr. Lois Mulligan’s Lab bdh (at)
Iram, Surtaj, PhD, MSc Dr. Susan Cole’s Lab   irams (at)
Jamaspishvili, Tamara, PhD Dr. Jeremy Squire’s Lab   tamara.jamaspishvili (at)
Khanal, Prem, PhD Dr. Xiaolong Yang’s Lab   prem.khanal (at)
Machado, Filipe (2013 May-Aug) Dr. Jeremy Squire's Lab fbm (at)
Nicolescu, Adrian Dr. Lois Mulligan’s Lab nicolesc (at)
Rydz, Natalia, MD Dr. David Lillicrap’s Lab n.rydz (at)
Shan, Hongchao, MD, PhD Dr. Xiaolong Yang’s Lab syxgxw (at)
Shida, Yasuaki Dr. David Lillicrap’s Lab shiday (at)
Swystun, Laura, PhD Dr. David Lillicrap’s Lab swystunl (at)
Wagner,Simona, PhD Dr. Jeremy Squire's Lab  simona.wagner (at)